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Stefan Ceriu 5a4f73e2b8 Fixes #974 - Replace the timeline item contex menu with a bottom sheet
(+10 squashed commits)
[ba1d3160] Update timeline item action menu reaction UI
[410315ac] Move away from item bound action meus plus various tweaks following code review
[c25cd998] Add emoji reactions to the new timeline item action menu
[57001f49] Prevent timeline view layouts from dismissing the action menu
[d1e70538] Various UI tweaks
[652f4143] Switch to a long press gesture, move the header outside of the scroll view
[569a485c] Workaround timeline item action menu presentation state not being stored
[80c29567] Add currently selected item information in the TimelineItemMenu
[ff7790ec] Fixes #974 - Replace the timeline item contex menu with a bottom sheet
[ba1d3160] Rename TimelineItemContextMenu to TimelineIteMenu so that git correctly interprets it
15 hours ago
Stefan Ceriu 8ff5c6144c
Settings about section (#1041)
* Fixes #1011 - Add legal information screen in settings, move all settings related screens under Source/Screen/Settings
* Fix warnings after sliding sync api change
17 hours ago
Mauro c0611b4e6b
SDK Bump to 1.0.73-alpha (#1043)
* sdk bump

* moved the bump event types to the sliding sync list builder

* removed sync growing mode from notifications even if we are not really using it anymore

* recency order is also for the all room list

* removed the local notification code entirely

* removed unused function

* fixed the code placement for the ordering
18 hours ago
Stefan Ceriu e8b5002087 Change the bundle display name to `Element X`, keep the rest as `ElementX` 19 hours ago
ElementRobot 05523282cb
Translations update (#1013)
* Translations update

* fix for notification invite body


Co-authored-by: Velin92 <>
Co-authored-by: Mauro Romito <>
20 hours ago
Alfonso Grillo 9bf6ffec27
Remove feature flags for the rooms epic (#1042)
* Delete rooms feature flags

* Rename suggestions feature flag

* Cleanup test targets
21 hours ago
Alfonso Grillo 0b56d5673f
Improve UserDiscoveryService behavior (#1039)
* Refactor UserDiscoveryService

* Add UTs
21 hours ago
Doug 8af688eee6 Update compound-ios
Includes new CompoundIcon component.
2 days ago
Alfonso Grillo a4cff6825e
Update the "remove avatar" logic in edit room details (#1032)
* Refactor remove avatar logic

* Add test
2 days ago
Mauro 4b2aba9367
Tapping on user avatar/name in the timeline opens the room member details (#1020)
* Implementation completed

* changelog

* code improvement

* Apply suggestions from code review

Co-authored-by: Stefan Ceriu <>

* pr suggestions


Co-authored-by: Stefan Ceriu <>
2 days ago
Doug ea4aa943e0
Improved bug report error handling (#1018)
* Improve rageshake error handling.

* Add a max file size and exclude older files one the limit is hit.

* Zip log files as smaller chunks.
2 days ago
Alfonso Grillo 4e926c3334
Create & Join rooms UI/UX tweaks (#1005)
* Fix people icon size

* Disable dismiss when loading in StartChatScreen

* Reduce debounce on search

* Add padding to invite button

* Add show/hide bottom bar behaviour

* Fix bg color in StartChatScreen form

* Update localisations

* Update search users results to 10

* Fix form background in InviteUsersScreen

* Fix invites list bg color

* Add mxid in InvitesScreenCell

* Refactor InvitesScreenCell design

* Fix separator spacing

* Add more design fixes

* Refine InvitesScreenCell layout

* Refactor UserProfileCell design

* Refactor FormRowAccessory

* Update localisations

* Fix camera size and security section padding

* Change create button style

* Refine InviteUsersScreenSelectedItem

* Refine CreateRoomScreen

* Refine UserProfileCell padding

* Amend preview name

* delete test code

* Add separator in security section

* Fix spacing in InviteUsersScreenSelectedItem

* Revert confirmationAction in CreateRoomScreen

* Refine HomeScreenInvitesButton

* Add dismiss keyboard in InviteUsersScreen

* Refactor FormRowAccessory

* Remove isDisabled from FormButtonStyles

* Update localisations

* Cleanup RoomDetailsEditScreen

* UI fixes on horizontal user carousel

* Refactor InviteUsersScreenSelectedItem

* Try fix flaky tests

* Fix typo

* Update snapshot tests

* Fix flaky UTs

* Fix HomeScreen ui tests

* Fix scroll on selection

* Refactor RoomFlowCoordinatorTests
2 days ago
Doug fedd401a56
Fix authentication UI tests. (#1010)
* Fix authentication flow UI tests.

* Fix analytics prompt snapshot.
6 days ago
Doug 44062adb0f
Backport base Form style from Compound. (#1009)
Apply to all screens using the formBackground colour.
6 days ago
Doug 0972af30cf
Update PostHog to fix Accent Colour bug. (#1006) 6 days ago
Doug 07927c337b
Fix the background colour when replying. (#1007) 6 days ago
Doug dcc4ea5e85
Authentication Layouts (#994)
* Remove unused code in OnboardingScreen.
* Add FullscreenDialog layout and use in auth flow.

Bump minimum OS to 16.4/13.3.

* Add dynamic layout based on dynamic type size.
1 week ago
Stefan Ceriu f792aafe8d Bump the RustSDK, adopt latest sliding sync changes and fixes 1 week ago
Stefan Ceriu 2a58b115e3 Cleanup the stored timelineController when dismissing a room 1 week ago
Stefan Ceriu 1d6f1185b9 Remove duplicates from the reachability monitor 1 week ago
Alfonso Grillo e58642208d
Fix navigation back from room's details (#988)
* Fix navigation to room details

* Improve tests

* Delete unused action in RoomDetailsScreen

* Cleanup

* Try fix flaky tests
1 week ago
Stefan Ceriu 83e3d828cd
Composer mode UI updates (#984)
* Fixes #975 - Update editing message UI

* Fixes #976 - Update reply composer mode UI to include message being replied to

* Use different icon corner radii in the timeline reply view depending on its placement
1 week ago
Alfonso Grillo 87075eecfd
Add UserIndicator.disableInteractiveDismiss (#993) 1 week ago
Stefan Ceriu 30c39130fc Bump the RustSDK to v1.0.71-alpha, adopt latest sliding sync range API 1 week ago
Doug 6b6ea118e2
Update OIDC presentation (#987)
* Present OIDC directly on the ServerConfirmationScreen.

Read the actual window from the view.

* Pop back to the confirmation screen when a user enters an MXID that needs OIDC.

* Remove OIDC error handling from the login screen.
1 week ago
Flescio 03ba211e6c
Flescio/add room image (#961)
* image media upload for room creation

* fix remove duplicate logic

* use Async Image, add Focusable Fields in create room

* remove alert message which doesn't have a copy

* add remove duplicates on crete room image

* add button style for preventing undesired touches

* add changelog, add error case for file too large

* Fix iPad sheet presentation

* add error media preprocess

* dismissing focus on image picker
1 week ago
Alfonso Grillo eba0fe5ce3
Add indicator after leaving a room (#981)
* Refactor UserIndicatorModalView to support no progress

* Add room left indicator in HomeScreenViewModel

* Apply PR suggestion
1 week ago
Doug 74b36ce870
Server Confirmation Screen (#959)
* Add ServerConfirmationScreen.
1 week ago
Mauro 088ca622a1
Generating SDK Mocks through the usage of `swift run tools generate-sdk-mocks` (#982)
* basic implementation, that works for now only with the local SDK

* replaced a handmade mock with a generated mock
1 week ago
Stefan Ceriu 25e2b05a4a Fix bug reporting template 1 week ago
Alfonso Grillo 1c07f6f86c
Fix update on LoadableImage (#973)
* Refactor LoadableImage

* Cleanup
1 week ago
Mauro 909b8eed7e
Logging the failed device token registration (#969)
* logging the failed registration

* Update ElementX/Sources/Services/Notification/Manager/NotificationManager.swift

Co-authored-by: Doug <>


Co-authored-by: Doug <>
1 week ago
Mauro ce6d68614a
Showing the iOS default silhoutte when the user/room avatar is missing (#965)
* fix

* Element X app name

* project update

* improvement
1 week ago
Stefan Ceriu 590655197d
Notification deep linking fix (#972)
* Fixed unused animated parameter

* Wait for lists to load before querying rooms if the cold cache isn't available

* Fix a couple of unused result warnings in the ExpiringTaskRunner unit tests
1 week ago
David Haberthür c5c066b7b2 Adapt to how version is shown in Element X 1 week ago
Velin92 33e80b5890 Translations update 1 week ago
Stefan Ceriu a1fdfd068a
Fix UI tests (#950)
* Fixed unstored weak reference warning

* Prevent the timeline from jumping whenever we access XCUIApplication properties

* Prevent UI tests from causing side effects on the timeline

* Update userSession reference screenshots

* Fix create room UI tests

* Update inviteUsers UI test reference screenshots

* Allow certain tests to enable timeline accessibility

* Fix roomLayout tests and update reference screenshots

* Disable the testTimelineLayoutInMiddle test because of flakiness

* Update screenshots following timestamp addition

* Another attempt

* Yet another attempt, replace XCUIScreen screenshots with XCUIApplication ones, decrease delay to 1 second

* Allow tests to retry up to 3 times before failing the run
2 weeks ago
Stefan Ceriu 142a8d6275 Prevent race conditions when adding timeline listeners between the timeline provider and other screens 2 weeks ago
Stefan Ceriu 0082aba9d4 Fixes #918, #919 - Introduce a RoomTimelineFlowCoordinator and related FlowCoordinator protocol
Squashed commits:
Add unit tests and move the state machine into the FlowCoordinator
[bb686861] Replace the RoomFlowCoordinator's public interface with just `handleAppRoute`
[0d9a4f8d] Remove the navigationStackCoordinator dependency from the roomScreenCoordinator
[4b5fbdf2] Allow rooms to be selected from any other state
[41dbd127] Move all missing coordinators to the RoomFlowCoordinator and state machines
[f32431b7] The UserSessionFlowCoordinator does not need to conform to the CoordinatorProtocol
[0f07e87d] Fix leaving a room dismissing the currently selected one when different
[138385a2] Rewind the navigation stack when re-selecting the same room (iPad)
[0727eb93] Fix presenting different room details from the side menu on iPads
[faf4cc60] Fix selecting the same room multiple times
[fb3391da] Move room details presentation responsibility to the RoomFlowCoordinator. Fixed invitation flows.
[fa2a68d9] Rename RoomTimelineFlowCoordinator -> RoomFlowCoordinator
[0c9c06b5] Start moving things away from the RoomScreenCoordinator and into the RoomTimelineFlowCoordinator
[86cbbdcc] Introduce a RoomTimelineFlowCoordinator to deal with timeline related operations
[9b2381be] Introduce the FlowCoordinatorProtocol
2 weeks ago
Alfonso Grillo f2b7faa183
Room's details edit screen (#956)
* Add RoomDetailsEditScreen template

* Add navigation to the edit screen

* Delete template code

* Start RoomDetailsEditScreen UI

* Manage power levels in RoomDetailsScreen

* Start RoomDetailsEditScreenViewModel logic

* Inject initial room state

* Add cancel action

* Expose set name/topic APIs in RoomProxy

* Refine RoomDetailsEditScreen UI

* Add save logic

* Add localisations

* Fix avatar image

* Update localisations

* Add “Add topic” button

* Add feature flag

* Add dismiss on save logic

* Reduce throttling

* Improve form logic

* Fix UT build errors

* Add media sheet

* Add media preprocessing

* Add LoadableEditableAvatarImage

* Add condition on delete image

* Add avatar save button logic

* Add remove avatar logic

* Cleanup

* Fix edit bug in DM

* Add upload avatar

* Add focus

* Add RoomDetailsViewModel UTs

* Fix button style

* Add UTs

* Add empty topic ui test

* Fix iPad sheet presentation

* Revert topic appearance in room’s details

* Address PR comments

* Add UI tests
2 weeks ago
Stefan Ceriu 524997438f Revert "Adopt async uniffi in the RoomSummaryProvider and ensure diffs are still processed serially"
This reverts commit d710dafc94.
2 weeks ago
Stefan Ceriu b238e3efdd Bump the RustSDK to v1.0.69-alpha 2 weeks ago
Stefan Ceriu 6dcd30f57a Start installing imagemagick on Github actions 2 weeks ago
Stefan Ceriu 35f7ad199e Switch the diawi fastlane plugin to another source after original removal, update gems 2 weeks ago
Stefan Ceriu 1f8affc5fd Revert "Work around the fastlane-diawi-plugin getting deleted"
This reverts commit c2c5654966.
2 weeks ago
Kat Gerasimova 428a3581f3 Update triage automation for signoff 2 weeks ago
Mauro c3eb64bde5
Fix for flaky corner radius path generation (#958)
* fixed the flaky corner radius path generation

* format
2 weeks ago
Alfonso Grillo bf2102e5d1
Add room's update publisher (#952)
* Add room update publisher

* Cleanup

* Update room’s title

* Add refresh logic in RoomDetailsScreenViewModel

* Fix UTs

* Add UT

* Update timeline listener in RoomProxy

* Fix caching in LoadableAvatarImage

* Cleanup

* Update RoomProxy api

* Inject room proxy in RoomScreenViewModel

* Cleanup

* Fix UTs
2 weeks ago
Mauro c59921103d
Inlined Timestamp in bubble style for messages that have a bubble (#947)
* web-like solution

* not super polished but working implementation

* polishing the spacing and sizes

* removing unused code

* code improvements

* adding a test case in the preview for RTL

* addressing some PR comments

* added some tests and polished the code

* better naming

* code improvement

* RTL fix

* Revert "RTL fix"

This reverts commit 14e4468a5358769daa57891f4991e9e32da1c985.

* better RTL fix

* updated UI tests

* separated some files

* addressed some PR comments

* some more tests
2 weeks ago
Stefan Ceriu 6b13c52cd0 Disable background app refreshes until we understand the deadlocks and crashes we've been seeing 2 weeks ago