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Stefan Ceriu 8ff5c6144c
Settings about section (#1041)
* Fixes #1011 - Add legal information screen in settings, move all settings related screens under Source/Screen/Settings
* Fix warnings after sliding sync api change
18 hours ago
948.feature Inlined Timestamp in bubble style for messages that have a bubble (#947) 2 weeks ago
961.feature Flescio/add room image (#961) 1 week ago
976.feature Composer mode UI updates (#984) 1 week ago
1011.feature Settings about section (#1041) 18 hours ago
1017.feature Tapping on user avatar/name in the timeline opens the room member details (#1020) 2 days ago Towncrier fixes (#97) 12 months ago
pr-945.bugfix Prevent room navigation back button from jumping while animating 2 weeks ago
pr-965.change Showing the iOS default silhoutte when the user/room avatar is missing (#965) 1 week ago
pr-994.api Authentication Layouts (#994) 1 week ago
pr-1006.bugfix Update PostHog to fix Accent Colour bug. (#1006) 6 days ago
pr-1007.bugfix Fix the background colour when replying. (#1007) 6 days ago
pr-1018.change Improved bug report error handling (#1018) 2 days ago