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Stefan Ceriu a1fdfd068a
Fix UI tests (#950)
* Fixed unstored weak reference warning

* Prevent the timeline from jumping whenever we access XCUIApplication properties

* Prevent UI tests from causing side effects on the timeline

* Update userSession reference screenshots

* Fix create room UI tests

* Update inviteUsers UI test reference screenshots

* Allow certain tests to enable timeline accessibility

* Fix roomLayout tests and update reference screenshots

* Disable the testTimelineLayoutInMiddle test because of flakiness

* Update screenshots following timestamp addition

* Another attempt

* Yet another attempt, replace XCUIScreen screenshots with XCUIApplication ones, decrease delay to 1 second

* Allow tests to retry up to 3 times before failing the run
2 weeks ago
Fastfile Fix UI tests (#950) 2 weeks ago
Pluginfile Switch the diawi fastlane plugin to another source after original removal, update gems 2 weeks ago Tag nightlies after a successful build (#871) 4 weeks ago
changelog.rb Update some copyright headers 8 months ago

fastlane documentation


Make sure you have the latest version of the Xcode command line tools installed:

xcode-select --install

For fastlane installation instructions, see Installing fastlane

Available Actions


[bundle exec] fastlane alpha


[bundle exec] fastlane app_store_release


[bundle exec] fastlane build_release


[bundle exec] fastlane unit_tests


[bundle exec] fastlane ui_tests


[bundle exec] fastlane integration_tests


[bundle exec] fastlane config_nightly


[bundle exec] fastlane upload_dsyms_to_sentry


[bundle exec] fastlane release_to_github


[bundle exec] fastlane prepare_next_release


[bundle exec] fastlane tag_nightly

This is auto-generated and will be re-generated every time fastlane is run.

More information about fastlane can be found on

The documentation of fastlane can be found on