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Timo 1ff2c5bb3e
Add recommended vscode settings in contrib/ide 2023-11-28 13:41:04 +01:00
Jonas Platte 05f0106e06 ui: Improve logging for sync update processing 2023-11-27 18:55:21 +01:00
Jonas Platte fd0f369f75 ui: Add extra tracing spans for reactions 2023-11-27 18:55:21 +01:00
Jonas Platte 39fc283353 ui: Improve logging for redactions 2023-11-27 18:55:21 +01:00
Jonas Platte 3ebd8afa49 ui: Add more logging for Timeline::retry_send 2023-11-27 18:55:21 +01:00
Jonas Platte 2483ba2cc6 ui: Raise log level for local events
Local events don't happen as often, so we can afford a higher log level.
2023-11-27 18:55:21 +01:00
Jonas Platte 2d3a458a08 ui: Improve logging for sending attachments 2023-11-27 18:55:21 +01:00
Jonas Platte 246a128ec3 ui: Add logging for send-event cancellation 2023-11-27 18:55:21 +01:00
Jonas Platte 932f12e76d ui: Improve logging for timeline resets 2023-11-27 18:55:21 +01:00
Richard van der Hoff bfe79468c6
Indexeddb: Groundwork for fixing `inbound_group_session` lookups (#2884)
A set of non-functional changes which lay some groundwork in preparation for fixing vector-im/element-web#26488.
2023-11-27 15:59:49 +00:00
Timo 9503eb49c7
ffi: Expose power level overwrites on room creation 2023-11-27 14:38:35 +00:00
Marco Romano ded854425a
timeline: Add poll history API
Allow to retrieve the Poll history of a Room.
The poll history is a Timeline instance that filters only on poll events.
2023-11-27 14:28:40 +00:00
Jonas Platte 959e90252b ffi: Create separate timeline object, mirroring the Rust API 2023-11-27 11:55:48 +01:00
Jonas Platte e761ad8f97 ffi: Remove remove_timeline method
It was somewhat of a footgun because it affected the cached timeline in
`RoomListItem`s as well and is not used anywhere anymore.
2023-11-27 11:55:48 +01:00
Jonas Platte ceeb5e78b6 ffi: Move more things into ruma module 2023-11-24 19:25:44 +01:00
Jonas Platte 04c4284b33 ffi: Split timeline into smaller modules 2023-11-24 19:25:44 +01:00
Jonas Platte bae191b4ed ffi: Move Ruma wrappers / extension traits to new module 2023-11-24 19:25:44 +01:00
Damir Jelić ea2e85c5f5
feat: Support for server-side key backups #2666 2023-11-24 18:16:42 +01:00
Damir Jelić d6401ef278 When disabling backups first delete it from the server 2023-11-24 18:01:05 +01:00
Damir Jelić 9bba437fdd Simplify the secret inbox handling for backups 2023-11-24 18:01:05 +01:00
Damir Jelić 19e65c05cf Remove the CheckingIfUploadNeeded UploadState variant 2023-11-24 18:01:05 +01:00
Damir Jelić 369ca7024f Apply suggestions from code review
Co-authored-by: Denis Kasak <>
2023-11-24 18:01:05 +01:00
Damir Jelić e958b1ce28 Don't run the event handler examples 2023-11-24 18:01:05 +01:00
Damir Jelić 4912cd8a40 Typos please 2023-11-24 18:01:05 +01:00
Damir Jelić c99b0e8344 Fix some clippy warnings 2023-11-24 18:01:04 +01:00
Damir Jelić b38f501902 Add an example for the room key backup support 2023-11-24 17:59:00 +01:00
Damir Jelić f37467f81f Add tests for backups 2023-11-24 17:59:00 +01:00
Damir Jelić 6239231ba0 Try to resume backups if we restore the client
Co-authored-by: Benjamin Bouvier <>
2023-11-24 17:59:00 +01:00
Damir Jelić aa1623b891 Add a hack so the timeline retries to decrypt if we receive room keys from backup 2023-11-24 17:59:00 +01:00
Damir Jelić 99131d0d7a Fetch the backup recovery key when we import all known secrets 2023-11-24 17:59:00 +01:00
Damir Jelić c5c62d8fda Add a client task that will upload room keys to the backup 2023-11-24 17:58:58 +01:00
Damir Jelić b909f4400d Add support for backups 2023-11-24 17:56:09 +01:00
Damir Jelić 18d69f7515 Add a ChannelObservable 2023-11-24 17:53:33 +01:00
Richard van der Hoff 456d8bb4f2
Reduce logspam during encryption (#2859)
A few different changes to reduce the number of lines that get logged during an
encryption operation.
2023-11-24 14:21:01 +00:00
Jonas Platte b277423237 sdk: Upgrade mas-oicd-client 2023-11-24 15:01:17 +01:00
Jonas Platte 4621dd4317 ffi: Upgrade opentelemetry 2023-11-24 15:01:17 +01:00
Jonas Platte 17797da71a indexeddb: Upgrade dependencies 2023-11-24 15:01:17 +01:00
Jonas Platte eec4227dfc sdk: Upgrade async-related dependencies 2023-11-24 15:01:17 +01:00
Jonas Platte 64ddfd872c sqlite: Upgrade rusqlite / deadpool-sqlite 2023-11-24 15:01:17 +01:00
Jonas Platte 19a990ad41 Update Cargo.lock
The reqwest update is held back to avoid linking issues on iOS.
2023-11-24 15:01:17 +01:00
Jonas Platte 53ad6f5fe5 Upgrade itertools 2023-11-24 15:01:17 +01:00
Jonas Platte 8038414de2 Raise minimum version for Ruma
Otherwise the matrix-sdk crate can be used with an older version of
ruma-client-api which uses different types for a sliding sync type.

The sliding sync breaking change was allowed to be part of a patch
release because sliding sync is an unstable feature in Ruma.
2023-11-24 15:01:17 +01:00
Jonas Platte 560d71ceea
sdk: Implement a custom event formatter for javascript logging
Somehow `fmt::pretty` manages to be both overcomplicated and not flexible

The driver here is that I want to put the event "fields" on a separate line to
the message.
2023-11-24 13:48:35 +01:00
Richard van der Hoff 6591a6ef04
Apply suggestions from code review
Co-authored-by: Jonas Platte <>
2023-11-24 12:35:36 +00:00
Benjamin Bouvier 35bac2a6c3 test: add an integration test for left rooms 2023-11-23 15:17:26 +01:00
Benjamin Bouvier 7455b90d24 Tweak debug message wording for a timeline event
Probably from a bad copy-pasta with a poll event.
2023-11-23 15:11:54 +01:00
Benjamin Bouvier 1e359576ad room list service: add a new filter to get all rooms but the left ones
This allows to get a list of all the rooms except for left ones, since they're still part of a sliding sync server response.
2023-11-23 15:06:00 +01:00
Alfonso Grillo fe02752f29
fix: EventTimelineItem.is_editable() respects poll’s preconditions for editing (#2875)
This PR fixes the `EventTimelineItem.is_editable()` function for polls.

Before this changes it always returned false.
Now it consider poll's preconditions for editing:
- The poll has no votes yet
- The poll hasn't an end event
2023-11-23 14:03:25 +00:00
Jonas Platte aa7d2a21a3 test: Fix new clippy lints 2023-11-23 14:15:21 +01:00
Jonas Platte 337f2ad415 Upgrade nightly toolchain used for ci, xtask 2023-11-23 14:15:21 +01:00