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Jonas Platte d3902fe375 ci: Upgrade crate-ci/typos 2023-10-04 13:48:31 +02:00
Ivan Enderlin 005d2638cb
fix(ci): Change tarpaulin output format from `Xml` to `xml`.
It's better huh?
2023-09-18 09:58:09 +02:00
Jonas Platte 7d674b39aa Remove matrix-sdk-appservice
There is unfortunately no capacity for maintaining it as a first-party
component of the Rust SDK.
2023-09-05 15:40:38 +02:00
Jonas Platte db565fcff3
ci: Improve caching for matrix-rust-components-swift and tarpaulin 2023-09-01 10:43:52 +02:00
Benjamin Bouvier f5ab1084eb fix: temporarily use the pip install method for the setup-matrix-synapse action
Until is properly resolved.
2023-08-21 11:54:25 +02:00
Jonas Platte 340e0b7a03 ci: Use taiki-e/install-action to install protoc 2023-07-19 10:11:21 +02:00
Jonas Platte d82628725f ci: Remove serverName from setup-matrix-synapse arguments
We're getting warnings because this is not a supported parameter.
2023-07-14 12:05:02 +02:00
Jonas Platte bfed0907ed Remove wasm_command_bot 2023-07-14 11:07:47 +02:00
Dirk Stolle 0141dab8c9
ci: Update actions/checkout in GitHub Actions workflows to v3
Signed-off-by: Dirk Stolle <>
2023-07-14 10:22:55 +02:00
Jonas Platte 3c2b2756b0 ci: Fix git ref comparison 2023-07-13 13:54:59 +02:00
Jonas Platte 5abc781e1f Remove matrix-sdk-crypto-js
It now lives in its own repository at
2023-07-13 13:11:02 +02:00
Jonas Platte ec34036586 ci: Switch to branch-less GitHub pages workflow 2023-07-12 17:47:04 +02:00
Jonas Platte 6e10eb9efb Remove matrix-sdk-crypto-js
It now lives in its own repository at
2023-07-12 16:23:37 +02:00
Jonas Platte b9f98846c8 ci: Upgrade typos 2023-07-05 17:47:06 +02:00
Jonas Platte cd4288391e Bump nightly toolchain version 2023-07-03 18:57:05 +02:00
Ivan Enderlin c955de8331
test: Change the installer for `setup-matrix-synapse`.
There is a bug in Synapse and changing the installer seems to fix the
2023-07-03 12:47:24 +02:00
Jonas Platte ae4ead5550 Upgrade typos CI action
… and update the config file to reduce check flakiness.
2023-06-14 12:31:32 +02:00
Jonas Platte c8b74bec0d ci: Fixes to toolchain installation 2023-06-07 17:25:24 +02:00
Jonas Platte f1e62b0bb8 ci: Run coverage when PR is ready for review 2023-06-07 11:31:39 +02:00
Ivan Enderlin 16932abeaa
chore: Make Tarpaulin happy. 2023-06-05 20:17:19 +02:00
Ivan Enderlin d1bccacef9
chore: Make CI happy. 2023-06-05 19:40:51 +02:00
Benjamin Bouvier b257d0dacd chore: add the `--workspace` flag back in the documentation CI task
Signed-off-by: Benjamin Bouvier <>
2023-05-09 10:21:48 +02:00
Kévin Commaille ea826a257d sdk: Replace Sled with SQLite as defaut store
Signed-off-by: Kévin Commaille <>
2023-05-08 12:11:10 +02:00
Jonas Platte 32fafe7be3
Pin rust nightly version
Works around
2023-05-08 10:44:14 +02:00
Jonas Platte c6c5e7fca6 Add CODEOWNERS file for automatic review requests 2023-05-04 16:41:04 +02:00
Jonas Platte cca8ac7aea ci: Only save caches from main branch
Caches saved from a PR can't be loaded from other unrelated PRs, wasting
space and possibly getting older previously-saved caches evicted first.
2023-04-28 11:17:19 +02:00
Jonas Platte 4ee4198e83 ci: Remove build caching for infrequently used release workflows 2023-04-28 11:17:19 +02:00
Ivan Enderlin cbfa134087
feat(sdk): Remove hacks for Sliding Sync ranges
feat(sdk): Remove hacks for Sliding Sync ranges
2023-04-27 14:35:05 +02:00
Ivan Enderlin 3a8b6696f7
test: Install SS proxy v0.99.2. 2023-04-27 14:07:39 +02:00
Ivan Enderlin a719f35a3e
test: Use the latest Sliding Sync proxy version. 2023-04-27 10:21:04 +02:00
Andrew Ferrazzutti 8e0559963e Restore "Install musl-gcc for linux-musl nodejs releases"
This reverts commit cfc6ec2c0d.
2023-04-26 20:25:57 +09:00
Andrew Ferrazzutti 4bbea71d51 Add comment to explain why to use Ubuntu LTS-1 2023-04-26 18:45:18 +09:00
Andrew Ferrazzutti 80de0f0bbe Build Node bindings against Ubuntu 20.04
Fixes #1808
2023-04-26 18:45:16 +09:00
Andrew Ferrazzutti 46f69f7efd Update supported Node.js versions
Signed-off-by: Andrew Ferrazzutti <>
2023-04-25 23:51:53 +09:00
Ivan Enderlin cfc6ec2c0d
Revert "Install musl-gcc for linux-musl nodejs releases" 2023-04-24 19:59:01 +02:00
Ivan Enderlin 8aad30ea4f
Merge pull request #1779 from matrix-org/af/nodejs-musl-gcc
Install musl-gcc for linux-musl nodejs releases
2023-04-24 10:51:00 +02:00
Jonas Platte 167d81e36a ci: Simplify test-all-crates job 2023-04-20 14:52:34 +02:00
Andrew Ferrazzutti 4fbdd70a53 Use local reference to workflow file 2023-04-14 20:20:59 +09:00
Andrew Ferrazzutti a78b260857 Install musl-gcc for linux-musl nodejs releases 2023-04-14 17:43:42 +09:00
Richard van der Hoff f60c678af8
Apply suggestions from code review
Co-authored-by: Damir Jelić <>
2023-03-30 15:38:42 +01:00
Richard van der Hoff 4f3f9c7af8 Fixes and documentation for crypto-js releases
The tags are supposed *not* to contain `v`, for consistency with the other
2023-03-30 13:57:15 +01:00
Ivan Enderlin 2d56f550aa
fix(sdk): Fix, test, and clean up `SlidingSyncListRequestGenerator`
fix(sdk): Fix, test, and clean up `SlidingSyncListRequestGenerator`
2023-03-16 17:04:05 +01:00
Ivan Enderlin 5e23bd09bc
feat(ci): `aarch64-apple-ios` should work on rustc stable. 2023-03-16 09:01:14 +01:00
Kévin Commaille 1e1e0d7e6d ci: Make sure all rendered docs examples are compiling
Signed-off-by: Kévin Commaille <>
2023-03-15 14:42:12 +01:00
Jonas Platte 99cbf3122b ci: Work around frequent codecov upload errors 2023-03-07 11:08:09 +01:00
Jonas Platte 50114f4e74 Mention changelogs in PR template 2023-03-06 10:41:18 +01:00
Richard van der Hoff a2da63758c
Use a separate GHA cache for each matrix build (#1605)
You can't update a GHA cache once you create it, so if we use the same cache
for each job in a matrix build, then we end up populating it for the first job
that completes, so any slower jobs don't get their dependencies cached.

On the other hand, if we create 20 500MB cache items on each build, we're going
to exhaust the cache storage as soon as we do a build. So, instead, let's just
do the caching for the main branch, and hope that other branches can still
benefit from it.
2023-03-02 14:10:53 +00:00
Richard van der Hoff a86754a317
Minor tweaks to the github actions configurations (#1606)
* Replace custom cancellation action with `concurrency`

* Improve step names

... so don't have three steps with the same name

* Bump version of checkout action

checkout@v2 uses an old version of nodejs, which is deprecated.
2023-03-02 14:04:59 +00:00
Richard van der Hoff 2fe08a90c5
Reinstate protoc for a couple of GHA jobs (#1607)
Looks like #1604 broke the build :(
2023-03-02 12:47:58 +00:00
Richard van der Hoff bdb9d274ce
Skip installing `protoc` where it is unneeded (#1604)
This seems to have been cargo-culted to lots of places where it is redundant.
2023-03-01 22:17:36 +00:00