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Daniel Abramov 585508f461
sdk(widget): Add the matrix (i/o) part 2023-09-28 16:01:26 +02:00
Marco Romano 0158422dcd
Bump ruma
- Bumps ruma to include
- Enables ruma `compat-arbitrary-length-ids` flag instead of using the now deprecated `lax-id-validation`
2023-09-28 14:01:18 +02:00
Richard van der Hoff 563072e7f8
Change the way we store gossip requests in indexeddb (#2626)
Instead of using three separate object stores, use a single one with some structured objects and indexes.

Fixes #2605 (or at least, should make whatever is going wrong much more obvious).

Consists of a series of commits which should be reviewable on their own.
2023-09-27 11:43:07 +01:00
Richard van der Hoff e3d9408d0a
`matrix-sdk-common`: add js console tracing layer (#2620)
Implement a `tracing_subsciber` `Layer` which sends output to the javascript

Obviously, this only works on the wasm32 target.

This is lifted from `matrix-rust-sdk-crypto-wasm`, so that we can use it in
tests etc for other crates.
2023-09-27 11:42:33 +01:00
Jonas Platte 3196ac53b2 test: Remove TimelineTestEvent 2023-09-27 10:06:32 +02:00
dependabot[bot] 0ae6f740b9 chore(deps): bump aes-gcm from 0.10.2 to 0.10.3
Bumps [aes-gcm]( from 0.10.2 to 0.10.3.
- [Commits](

- dependency-name: aes-gcm
  dependency-type: indirect

Signed-off-by: dependabot[bot] <>
2023-09-25 11:38:08 +02:00
Jonas Platte 454304a20d Enable eyeball's tracing feature 2023-09-21 19:12:01 +02:00
Jonas Platte a5a9940ad9 testing: Extract EventBuilder out of TestTimeline 2023-09-21 16:00:11 +02:00
Jonas Platte 1a15802201 Upgrade Ruma 2023-09-20 14:19:06 +02:00
Jonas Platte 52ce2eed23 Upgrade eyeball, eyeball-im-util
Pulls in an important bug fix for the Limit adapter.
2023-09-19 11:35:18 +02:00
Jonas Platte 0504eafc0a Upgrade most dependencies 2023-09-18 19:56:06 +02:00
Jonas Platte 45b7e075c9 Remove unused dependencies 2023-09-18 19:56:06 +02:00
Benjamin Bouvier bed0faa143 example(oidc): add sync service integration
And allow to run with an insecure server + auto-refresh token + properly restore session using homeserver discovery
2023-09-18 14:34:10 +02:00
Benjamin Bouvier 5ff83c00c5
Add tests for OIDC (#2558)
* chore(oidc): put impl of OIDC server behind a trait and add tests for the OIDC flow

chore(oidc): add first tests for login/AuthorizationResponse

chore(oidc): add tests for finish_authorization/finish_login/refresh_access_token

chore(oidc): add test for logout

chore(🤷): clippy/fmt

* chore(oidc): move account management test to the new `tests` module

* chore(oidc): address review comments
2023-09-18 14:33:35 +02:00
Marco Romano 3bad812ff8
Use new poll event replacement types
* Bump ruma
* Use new ruma types for UnstablePollStartEventContent
* Use from/into for UnstablePollStartEventContent.
2023-09-18 11:03:41 +02:00
Ivan Enderlin db1125d427
chore(cargo): Back to regular `eyeball`. 2023-09-15 15:02:04 +02:00
Ivan Enderlin d12eda5839
feat(ui): `RoomList` provides entries that are limited.
For some room lists, the number of entries can be gigantic. For example,
some accounts have 800, 2500, or even 4000 rooms! It's not necessary for
the client/app to display all the 4000 rooms. First, it can create some
performance issues, second, nobody will scroll 4000 rooms to search for
a particular room :-). Such users are more likely to use a search bar or
something equivalent. The idea is that `RoomListService` will continue
to sync all the data, but only a _limited_ version of it will be shared
to the client/app.

This patch takes `RoomList::entries_with_dynamic_filter`, and improves
it to include this (dynamic) limit.

This patch renames `RoomList::entries_with_dynamic_filter`
to `::entries_with_dynamic_adapters`. It now returns a
`RoomListDynamicEntriesController`, which is a renaming of
`DynamicRoomListFilter`. Basically, the “dynamic filter” becomes a
“dynamic controller” because `RoomList::entries_with_dynamic_adapters`
manages more than a filter. It now uses
`eyeball_im_util::vector::DynamicLimit` to dynamically limit the size
of entries. And that's the major idea behind this patch.

`RoomListDynamicEntriesController::set` is renamed `::set_filter`, and 2
new methods are introduced: `add_one_page` and `reset_to_one_page`.

A _page_ is like a chunk of room entries we want to view or add. When
doing `next_page`, the limit increases to `old_limit + page_size`. The
`reset_pages` method resets the `limit` to `page_size` only.
2023-09-15 13:34:20 +02:00
Jonas Platte 1cbcee4fea Use as_variant crate for shorter code 2023-09-13 18:33:33 +02:00
Jonas Platte a4101e2f45 Upgrade Ruma 2023-09-12 17:19:56 +02:00
Jonas Platte d4904a01b0 Upgrade dependencies
Most notably eyeball-im-util 0.3.1, which includes an important bugfix.
2023-09-08 12:35:01 +02:00
Damir Jelić c32f2444fc Use the base64 encoding/decoding methods from vodozemac in the bindings 2023-09-08 11:43:32 +02:00
Damir Jelić 72e3079aab Use the base64 encoding/decoding functions from vodozemac 2023-09-08 11:43:32 +02:00
Doug eb865f490a
chore(bindings): Handle OIDC metadata changes. (#2503)
Currently when the AuthenticationService is given updated metadata, it is ignored if a dynamic registration has already been made for a selected issuer. This PR fixes that by storing the metadata's hash and resetting the store when there is a mis-match.

Additionally it moves OidcRegistrations out of the FFI into a new authentication module in the UI crate and adds some tests.
2023-09-07 17:28:58 +00:00
dependabot[bot] 4991450d6a chore(deps): bump webpki from 0.22.0 to 0.22.1
Bumps [webpki]( from 0.22.0 to 0.22.1.
- [Commits](

- dependency-name: webpki
  dependency-type: indirect

Signed-off-by: dependabot[bot] <>
2023-09-07 18:51:15 +02:00
Jonas Platte 71cc7318ca Upgrade eyeball-im, eyeball-im-util 2023-09-07 15:30:18 +02:00
Benjamin Bouvier 685cc2bbc3 feat: make the cross-process store locks generic
And move the implementation to the common crate.
2023-09-07 11:41:22 +02:00
Damir Jelić 53c4735944 Broadcast new and updated user identities 2023-09-06 19:00:37 +02:00
Jonas Platte 2d47aecd37 Remove the appservice feature from matrix-sdk, matrix-sdk-test 2023-09-05 15:40:38 +02:00
Jonas Platte 7d674b39aa Remove matrix-sdk-appservice
There is unfortunately no capacity for maintaining it as a first-party
component of the Rust SDK.
2023-09-05 15:40:38 +02:00
Benjamin Bouvier 4665277842 test(sliding sync): skipping b/o mode change doesn't change parameters in other lists
2023-08-31 10:34:46 +02:00
Jonas Platte 5630851062 Upgrade Ruma 2023-08-30 15:22:00 +02:00
Benjamin Bouvier b6c658aefa feat: introduce timer helper 2023-08-28 16:52:43 +02:00
Jonas Platte 1c3dd38b97 ffi: Add widget API skeleton 2023-08-24 14:55:55 +02:00
Ivan Enderlin 4e25a8c3c1
chore(cargo): Update `ruma`. 2023-08-24 12:17:40 +02:00
Marco Romano b2a1e3d268
Bump ruma 2023-08-24 07:37:10 +00:00
Marco Romano 3bc7b9136e
ui: Add support for polls in timeline 2023-08-23 12:57:52 +00:00
dependabot[bot] 9bf214925c
chore(deps): bump rustls-webpki from 0.101.2 to 0.101.4
Bumps [rustls-webpki]( from 0.101.2 to 0.101.4.
- [Release notes](
- [Commits](

- dependency-name: rustls-webpki
  dependency-type: indirect

Signed-off-by: dependabot[bot] <>
2023-08-22 18:10:40 +00:00
Kévin Commaille e01421a3dd
Upgrade Ruma
Signed-off-by: Kévin Commaille <>
2023-08-22 17:25:02 +02:00
Doug 60392c299d
bindings: Add OIDC support to AuthenticationService
- Use OIDC for logout when appropriate.
- Allow server's that support OIDC but not passwords to work.
- Only sign out users if token refresh is explicitly refused.
- Expose the OIDC account URL.
- Support for RP initiated logout.
2023-08-22 09:06:32 +00:00
Ivan Enderlin b78372d4bb
chore(cargo): Update UniFFI. 2023-08-21 11:07:32 +02:00
Benjamin Bouvier 88018c259f Revert upgrade to uniffi since it broke generation of swift bindings 2023-08-18 12:07:36 +02:00
Ivan Enderlin cc46417ec5
Merge branch 'main' into hywan/fix-android-uniffi-async-bis 2023-08-17 18:27:54 +02:00
Ivan Enderlin 4d7f951128
chore(cargo): Update UniFFI to `main` (specific commit). 2023-08-17 18:26:21 +02:00
Kévin Commaille 0dac5080c6
experimental: Expose an OpenID Connect API
Co-authored-by: Doug <>
Signed-off-by: Kévin Commaille <>
2023-08-16 10:39:18 +02:00
Alfonso Grillo 364a4ae5a9
ffi: Add create-poll API 2023-08-10 15:38:17 +00:00
Ivan Enderlin 0372467288
chore(uniffi): Update `uniffi` to another branch.
This patch switches UniFFI from to
2023-08-10 17:33:36 +02:00
Jonas Platte f8eefadb2d Upgrade tokio to 1.30 2023-08-10 12:04:40 +02:00
Ivan Enderlin 51c25a4456
feat(ui): Implement `RoomList::entries_with_dynamic_filter`
feat(ui): Implement `RoomList::entries_with_dynamic_filter`
2023-08-10 08:28:43 +02:00
Jonas Platte 1b8768becc
Use AsyncCell instead of mpsc channel 2023-08-09 13:24:39 +02:00
Damir Jelić 64ca96543e Initial support for dehydrated devices
Co-authored-by: Jonas Platte <>
2023-08-09 12:32:48 +02:00