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Jonas Platte 7d674b39aa Remove matrix-sdk-appservice
There is unfortunately no capacity for maintaining it as a first-party
component of the Rust SDK.
2023-09-05 15:40:38 +02:00
Jonas Platte 5abc781e1f Remove matrix-sdk-crypto-js
It now lives in its own repository at
2023-07-13 13:11:02 +02:00
Jonas Platte 6e10eb9efb Remove matrix-sdk-crypto-js
It now lives in its own repository at
2023-07-12 16:23:37 +02:00
Jonas Platte 71f7f7c69e Remove mentions of labs crates
There are none at the moment.
2023-07-05 11:34:50 +02:00
Jonas Platte 3e2bc3a514 Drop matrix-sdk-sled 2023-06-01 12:06:35 +02:00
Kévin Commaille 6bae0793f9 codecov: Add SQLite store as default crate
Signed-off-by: Kévin Commaille <>
2023-05-08 12:11:10 +02:00
Benjamin Kampmann a5875ff75d ci: update codecov config to exclude all testing crates 2022-08-02 10:59:18 +02:00
Ivan Enderlin c29e2b9563 !fixup 2022-06-23 11:35:42 +02:00
Ivan Enderlin ecc28efd53 chore(bindings): Move `matrix-sdk-ffi` and `matrix-sdk-crypto-ffi` into the `bindings/` directory. 2022-06-23 11:31:59 +02:00
Ivan Enderlin 8db58986fb chore(bindings): Move `crypto-nodejs` and `crypto-js` into the `bindings/` directory.
`matrix-sdk-crypto-nodejs` and `matrix-sdk-crypto-js` are no longer
default members of the Cargo virtual workspace. The Github Actions
workflows for the bindings now live in a `bindings_ci.yml` files
(ideally, it should be in a subdirectory,
`.github/workflows/bindings/ci.yml` but it doesn't work).
2022-06-22 11:54:49 +02:00
Ivan Enderlin 2117b36a75 chore(test): Exclude `matrix-sdk-indexeddb` from code coverage report. 2022-06-14 16:04:41 +02:00
Ivan Enderlin 5e8ed3bcbf chore(test): Remove `labs` from the projects.
It's already part of the `ignore` section.
2022-06-14 16:04:41 +02:00
Ivan Enderlin d35063412f chore(test): Ignore `matrix-sdk-test-macros` and `matrix-sdk-ffi`. 2022-06-13 12:52:37 +02:00
Ivan Enderlin eead09984c chore(test): Ask to ignore the `crates/matrix-sdk-crypto-ffi` directory. 2022-06-13 11:25:38 +02:00
Ivan Enderlin dcfcac0bd3 chore(test): Ask to ignore `labs` and `xtask` directories. 2022-06-13 11:24:10 +02:00
Ivan Enderlin 3c14acf163 chore(test): Exclude `matrix-sdk-crypto-(js|nodejs)` from code coverage reports. 2022-06-13 10:38:07 +02:00
Benjamin Kampmann dd1f817701 ci(CodeCoverage): exclude ffi & wasm from default project 2022-05-20 10:26:31 +02:00
Benjamin Kampmann 81db9ef4ca ci(CodeCoverage): Remove patch-level coverage reporting 2022-05-20 08:34:56 +02:00
Benjamin Kampmann e927834108 ci(CodeCoverage): split code coverage reporting in mandatory and optional areas 2022-05-20 08:34:39 +02:00
Kévin Commaille 5c41b992b7
ci: Add newline at end of codecov.yaml
Co-authored-by: Benjamin Kampmann <>
2022-04-25 12:53:42 +02:00
Kévin Commaille 8090220963
ci: Add codecov config file
Be tolerant for coverage of new PRs
2022-04-25 12:43:22 +02:00