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extend-ignore-re = [
# base 58 strings with spaces every four chars.
# this would also match regular sentence parts with eight or more words of
# exactly four characters in row, but that doesn't really happen.
"[1-9A-Za-z]{4}( [1-9A-Za-z]{4}){7,}",
# some heuristics for base64 strings with no false matches found at the
# time of writing.
WeeChat = "WeeChat"
# all of these are valid words, but should never appear in this repo
sing = "sign"
singed = "signed"
singing = "signing"
Nd = "Nd"
extend-exclude = [
# Our json files contain a bunch of base64 encoded ed25519 keys.
# Fuzzy match patterns that can be understood as typos confusingly.
# Hand-crafted base64 session keys that are understood as typos.