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matrix-rust-sdk is an implementation of a Matrix client-server library in Rust.

Project structure

The rust-sdk consists of multiple crates that can be picked at your convenience:

  • matrix-sdk - High level client library, with batteries included, you're most likely interested in this.
  • matrix-sdk-base - No (network) IO client state machine that can be used to embed a Matrix client in your project or build a full fledged network enabled client lib on top of it.
  • matrix-sdk-crypto - No (network) IO encryption state machine that can be used to add Matrix E2EE support to your client or client library.

Minimum Supported Rust Version (MSRV)

These crates are built with the Rust language version 2021 and require a minimum compiler version of 1.65.


The library is in an alpha state, things that are implemented generally work but the API will change in breaking ways.

If you are interested in using the matrix-sdk now is the time to try it out and provide feedback.


Some crates of the matrix-rust-sdk can be embedded inside other environments, like Swift, Kotlin, JavaScript, Node.js etc. Please, explore the bindings/ directory to learn more.