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Upgrades 0.5 ➜ 0.6

This is a rough migration guide to help you upgrade your code using matrix-sdk 0.5 to the newly released matrix-sdk 0.6 . While it won't cover all edge cases and problems, we are trying to get the most common issues covered. If you experience any other difficulties in upgrade or need support with using the matrix-sdk in general, please approach us in our matrix-sdk channel on

Minimum Supported Rust Version Update: 1.60

We have updated the minimal rust version you need in order to build matrix-sdk, as we require some new dependency resolving features from it:

These crates are built with the Rust language version 2021 and require a minimum compiler version of 1.60


Many dependencies have been upgraded. Most notably, we are using ruma at version 0.7.0 now. It has seen some renamings and restructurings since our last release, so you might find that some Types have new names now.

Repo Structure Updates

If you are looking at the repository itself, you will find we've rearranged the code quite a bit: we have split out any bindings-specific and testing related crates (and other things) into respective folders, and we've moved all examples into its own top-level-folder with each example as their own crate (rendering them easier to find and copy as starting points), all in all slimming down the crates folder to the core aspects.

Architecture Changes / API overall

Builder Pattern

We are moving to the builder pattern (familiar from e.g. std::io:process:Command) as the main configurable path for many aspects of the API, including to construct Matrix-Requests and workflows. This has been and is an on-going effort, and this release sees a lot of APIs transitioning to this pattern, you should already be familiar with from the matrix_sdk::Client::builder() in 0.5. This pattern been extended onto:

Most have fallback (though maybe with deprecation warning) support for an existing code path, but these are likely to be removed in upcoming releases.

Splitting of concerns: Media

In an effort to declutter the Client API dedicated types have been created dealing with specific concerns in one place. In 0.5 we introduced client.account(), and client.encryption(), we are doing the same with to manage media and attachments in one place with the [media::Media type][media typ] now.

The signatures of media uploads, have also changed slightly: rather than expecting a reader R: Read + Seek, it now is a simple &[u8]. Which also means no more unnecessary seek(0) to reset the cursor, as we are just taking an immutable reference now.

Event Handling & sync updaes

If you are using the client.register_event_handler function to receive updates on incoming sync events, you'll find yourself with a deprecation warning now. That is because we've refactored and redesigned the event handler logic to allowing removing of event handlers on the fly, too. For that the new add_event_handler() (and add_room_event_handler) will hand you an EventHandlerHandle (pardon the pun), which you can pass to remove_event_handler, or by using the convenient client.event_handler_drop_guard to create a DropGuard that will remove the handler when the guard is dropped. While the code still works, we recommend you switch to the new one, as we will be removing the register_event_handler and register_event_handler_context in a coming release.

Secondly, you will find a new sync_with_result_callback sync function. Other than the previous sync functions, this will pass the entire Result to your callback, allowing you to handle errors or even raise some yourself to stop the loop. Further more, it will propagate any unhandled errors (it still handles retries as before) to the outer caller, allowing the higher level to decide how to handle that (e.g. in case of a network failure). This result-returning-behavior also punshes through the existing sync and sync_with_callback-API, allowing you to handle them on a higher level now (rather than the futures just resolving). If you find that warning, just adding a ? to the .await of the call is probably the quickest way to move forward.

Refresh Tokens

This release now supports refresh_tokens as part of the Session. It is implemented with a default-flag in serde so deserializing a previously serialized Session (e.g. in a store) will work as before. As part of refresh_token support, you can now configure the client via ClientBuilder.request_refresh_token() to refresh the access token automagically on certain failures or do it manually by calling client.refresh_access_token() yourself. Auto-refresh is off by default.

You can stay informed about updates on the access token by listening to client.session_tokens_signal().

Further changes

  • MessageOptions has been updated to Matrix 1.3 by making the from parameter optional (and function signatures have been updated, too). You can now request the server sends you messages from the first one you are allowed to have received.
  • client.user_id() is not a future anymore. Remove any .await you had behind it.
  • verified(), blacklisted() and deleted() on matrix_sdk::encryption::identities::Device have been renamed with a is_ prefix.
  • verified() on matrix_sdk::encryption::identities::UserIdentity, too has been prefixed with is_ and thus is onw called is_verified().
  • The top-level crypto and state-store types of Indexeddb and Sled have been renamed to unique types>
  • state_store and crypto_store do not need to be boxed anymore when passed to the StoreConfig
  • Indexeddb's SerializationError is now IndexedDBStoreError
  • Javascript specific features are now behind the js feature-gate
  • The new experimental next generation of sync ("sliding sync"), with a totally revamped api, can be found behind the optional sliding-sync-feature-gate

Quick Troubleshooting

You find yourself focussed with any of these, here are the steps to follow to upgrade your code accordingly:

warning: use of deprecated associated function matrix_sdk::Client::register_event_handler: Use Client::add_event_handler instead

As it says on the tin: we have deprecated this function in favor of the newer removable handler approach (see above). You can still continue to use this fn for now, but it will be removed in a future release.

warning: use of deprecated associated function matrix_sdk::Client::login: Replaced by Client::login_username

We have replaced the login facilities with a LoginBuilder and recommend you use that from now on. This isn't an error yet, but the function will be removed in a future release.

expected slice [u8], found struct ...

We've updated the send_attachment and Media signatures to use &[u8] rather than reader: Read + Seek as it is more convenient and common place for most architectures anyways. If you are using File::open(path)? to get that handler, you can just replace that with std::fs::read(path)?

no method named verified found for struct matrix_sdk::encryption::identities::Device in the current scope

Boolean flags like verified, deleted, blacklisted, etc have been renamed with a is_ prefix. So, just follow the cargo suggestion:

69 |             device.verified()
   |                    ^^^^^^^^ help: there is an associated function with a similar name: `is_verified`

unresolved import matrix_sdk::ruma::events::AnySyncRoomEvent

Ruma has been updated to 0.7.0, you will find some ruma Events names have changed, most notably, the AnySyncRoomEvent is now named AnySyncTimelineEvent (and not AnySyncStateEvent, which cargo wrongly suggests). Just rename the import and usage of it.

std::option::Option<&matrix_sdk::ruma::UserId> is not a future

You are seeing something along the lines of:

19 |     if room_member.state_key != client.user_id().await.unwrap() {
   |                                                 ^^^^^^ `std::option::Option<&matrix_sdk::ruma::UserId>` is not a future
   = help: the trait `Future` is not implemented for `std::option::Option<&matrix_sdk::ruma::UserId>`
   = note: std::option::Option<&matrix_sdk::ruma::UserId> must be a future or must implement `IntoFuture` to be awaited
   = note: required because of the requirements on the impl of `IntoFuture` for `std::option::Option<&matrix_sdk::ruma::UserId>`
help: remove the `.await`
19 -     if room_member.state_key != client.user_id().await.unwrap() {
19 +     if room_member.state_key != client.user_id().unwrap() {

You are using client.user_id().await but user_id() is no longer async. Just follow the cargo suggestion and remove the .await, it is not necessary any longer.